Mizrachi Dealer Academy

We have just launched the first ever Certified Online Poker Dealer Training. Go to www.mizrachidealeracademy.com to sign up for it! This program offers flexibility and convenience to become a Poker Dealer from your own home.

If you are looking for a new career or a part time job to make great money, Poker Dealing is for you.  At our casino training school we will teach  you on all the skills you need to make that happen. Call us for an orientation or to simply register. The process is easy and we can work around any schedule. We can even work a payment plan that you can afford.  By joining Mizrachi Dealer Academy, you will benefit more because we have a greater contact list to assist you in employment and extensive personal knowledge about the game.  Remember though, getting the job depends on you. We also offer special events only open to our students as well.  Call today!

Before our careers as internationally known professional poker players, we were professional poker dealers. It was where our careers got started and where we solidified our passion for the game.

Poker Dealing is not only very profitable (some dealers make as much as doctors), it offers a flexible work schedule. In addition, dealing greatly expands poker skills, through interacting with people from all walks of life, building upon math skills and seeing thousands of hands dealt. It was THE major factor in helping us become the players we are today.

We always wanted to open up a casino training school to pay homage to our beginnings and now we have.   Read More ..




Certified Online Poker Dealer Training